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Hazid Integrity

Hazid Integrity

Fully integrated Digital Engineering Platform

Open platform

Open platform

Reads data from multiple sources

Consolidated Views

Consolidated Views

Powerful and controlled filtering and visualisation

Validate accross the Asset

Validate accross the Asset

Applies best practice and standards



Rule driven knowledge automation

Make the right Descisions

Make the right Descisions

Collaborate accross functions

An Intelligent Engineering Platform

Hazid Integrity is an open digital engineering and automation platform which  allows you to create a fully intelligent digital model of your engineering assets.

 Integrity enables you to transform legacy engineering documents (P&IDs, SLDs, isometrics etc.) for digital twin and connected worker initiatives with Conversion Integrity.
Decrease risk through your design, operations and maintenance with Engineering Integrity, reducing data debt and ensuring quality, consistency and completeness across all engineering disciplines.

Operate your assets in confidence with Process Safety Integrity, a context driven Hazard Identification tool.

Increase collaboration in projects with Workflow Integrity, empowering all team members to make the right decision at the right time with the right information.

Hazid Integrity's knowledge engineering platform empowers you to design and operate in a safer, more consistent, complete and cost-effective way.  

Correct, Complete, Consitent Engineering
AI Solutions


 See and control all your digital information and schematics from multiple sources in one place. Any mix of authoring  tools can be linked to create a unified view of your entire plant or project. 



Powerful knowledge engines that go beyond mere data analytics. Autonomously verifying your engineering and data requirements accross the whole asset providing concise visual reports to deliver the correct  information to your design and operations teams.



Not only does Integrity assure your engineering and regulatory compliance. By being built on a flexible, open platform it also ensures your digital tools remain compliant to document control and interchange standards like CIFHOS,PIP, KKS or your own EDMS



Competency based security is built in which means only the information and functions are available to the engineers who need it. Simplifying the user experience while maintaining security.

Built in Work Processes


Reduce the time required to design, validate and operate your assets with in built work processes and automation.



Configurable licence solutions allow you to decide how best to deploy the platform and tools. Helping you to manage cost.


Integrity is the centre of Hazid’s software, providing the main interface to create, view, redline and manipulate intelligent engineering data. It is truly data centric meaning data and graphics can never get out of sync. Includes direct interfaces from other engineering software including; Intergraph Smart P&ID, AutoCAD Plant 3D P&ID and AVEVA P&ID. It can hold data from different sources separately such as SAP,SPI.Pi so that they can be checked for consistency, completeness and correctness before integrating to your Digital Twin. Hazid Integrity, an intelligent platform beyond Smart.

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