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Hazid Technologies is a UK based software and services company providing AI solutions globally to the process industries. Releasing our first intelligent engineering tool, Process Safety Integrity, in 2006 we have expanded our portfolio of augmented engineering applications and services, assisting our customers to bring about fundamental change in their operations and design through digital evolution.

Hazid software captures and transforms legacy engineering documents (P&IDs, SLDs, isometrics etc.) for digital twin and connected worker initiatives with Conversion Integrity and Aurelia Services.

Decreases risk through design, operations and maintenance with Assist Services and Engineering Integrity, reducing data debt and ensuring quality, consistency and completeness across all engineering disciplines.

Increases collaboration in projects with Workflow Integrity, empowering all team members to make the right decision at the right time with the right information.

Hazid’s innovative knowledge engineering platform, software and services are designed with our customers in an open, pragmatic way to be at the forefront of engineering data intelligence, enabling them to design and operate in a safer, more consistent, complete and cost-effective way.



Jim Madden
A history of innovation Jim was instrumental in creating the first computerised 3D,Isometric and process design sofware. Founder of Hazid he continues to lead and guide the company board


Joe McDonald
Since joining Hazid in 2004 as a support engineer Joe designed and shaped all business offerings delivered by the company today. 


To provide our clients with the software tools and services they require to be at the forefront of knowledge engineering. Empowering them to design and operate in a safer, more consistent, complete and cost-effective way.


To be the pre-eminent provider of knowledge engineering software and services to the process industries



We behave ethically and are respectful, open, and honest in all we do.


Our products will be created, and our projects will be performed, using the highest standards with emphasis on quality, integrity, costs, responsiveness and timeliness.


Our clients are our most important company asset, and we are committed to serving their needs.


We develop better engineering solutions and are committed to remain on the leading edge of technology and automation to provide our clients the most cost effective and professional products and services possible.


We believe there is a better way to use engineering information, and we will take every opportunity we can to inform and collaborate with our clients to leverage the power of knowledge using our products and services.


Our company’s most important and valued resource is our trained and experienced professional, technical, and support staff; and we will support our employee’s goals and needs.

A History

of Innovation

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