Process Safety Integrity is a ground breaking software technology which  helps you identify and manage risks throughout your plant or projects lifecycle. Your Senior Engineers, Safety and Plant operations knowledge is retained and used consistently  to help reduce overall time fro the safety study.

Process Safety Integrity applies this knowledge to the plants drawings , automatically identifying many of the hazardous scenarios and streamlining the risk assessment procedure.. As Process Safety Integrity is integrated with your design data and systems you can  create a single source of evergreen process safety truth to support agile decision making and troubleshooting 

With Process Safety Integrity, the Hazop Chairman can node the plant electronically. The Chairman is fully in control, selecting a node by putting a fence over the main parts and refining using single select. This node then filters the process safety checklists, which have been verified, or not, using rules. It will also show lessons learned which are relevant and the Cause -Consequence scenarios generated for the Node.


Noding electronically has other advantages:

  • It is clearer than manual highlighting

  • You can highlight each node in turn

  • It provides an immediate breakdown of major and minor plant items in the node for reporting

  • The chairman can change the node on the fly depending on team dynamics. 

Apply modern techniques to the Hazop

A proposed change to the operating condition means that the unit process engineer is concerned about over-pressurisation of the feed lines and wants to understand the major risks and safeguards in place.

How much better, than studying the Hazop report, to pull up the FEED P&IDs and filter for the highest category of risk, clicking on each one to display the cause (red in the picture), consequence item (blue) and safeguard (pink)?

View Safety Data easier