Engineering Integrity is unique technology which will validate engineering against your best practices and corporate and international standards.

It contains an knowledge based rule system which looks at your plants topology to check the system context, as well as attributes like design and operating conditions. Rules can check just about anything in your project, incorporate many connectivity and equipment links, run calculations and read data from reference files such as pipe schedules.

Engineering Integrity ensures the quality and dependability of your project data , reducing cost and saving time.

Simple Rule Creation

Simple Intuitive knowledge creation

  • Designed for Engineers

  • No programming involved

  • Fast to develop

  • Easy to check

This rule is created in seconds and checks that every pressure vessel has a pressure relief valve and its set pressure is less than or equal to the design pressure of the vessel. It is entirely created from drop down lists.

Advanced reporting features

Management reporting with

fully configurable


Extensive reporting delivers the right data to your                                  engineers and                        stakeholders

There will always be times when engineers need to over-ride standards, but a reason must be given.

This is held along with the engineers name, and the time and date for review.

Project auditability controls and charts.